The Team


There’s more to this woman than bling tail bags, wild printed tail bags and horse supplies. Much more. Sherry is outgoing, charming and amongst friends and family, known as The True Horse Whisperer. Married to the same ole Cowboy (see Jerry below) for two and a half decades, she loves her life, her little three bedroom brick home referred to as ‘Spur V Ranch’ and the business she has built appropriately called Happy Tails Tail Bags.

She enjoys White Zinfandel on occasion, hogs the microphone when the Karaoke machine is on and has a no-nonsense approach to nearly everything she does. She believes in family, friends and sincerity. She’s quick witted and can take it as good as she can dish it out, which is pretty darn good and damn fast! She’s opinionated at times and can be argumentative, but when it’s your back she’s got with her shoot straight from the hip personality, you’ll thank The Lord she’s on your team! I’m her oldest Sister, (Spencer), know her better than most and the one doing this site, so I will tell you very simply: She’s the best ‘best friend’, ‘Sister’, ‘Wife’, ‘Daughter’ and ‘Mother’ you could ever have. And funny… The girl brings new meaning to the word humor. Love ya Sister…

  • Jerry is an avid rodeo-r. In Las Vegas his weekend long roping schools were legendary. Now retired and living with his wife Sherry in Amarillo, Jerry ropes and rides daily. He’s a happy guy!
  • Sherry’s one and only child, Shurine was the first in our family to graduate college. A roper herself, she serves the Amarillo community with her outstanding nursing skills.
  • Whinny, a Blue Heeler, is Jerry’s real partner and side kick. She cowboys more than most Texans and lives to work cattle and more than earns her keep on the Vohs Ranch.
  • Teddy is a Red Heeler, is named Teddy because she was born on the Binion Ranch where Teddy Binion, owner of Binion’s Horseshoe Casino on Fremont in Las Vegas, lived. She’s a great cattle dog and rabbit chaser.
  • Thomas ‘The Barn Cat’ doesn’t know he’s a cat. Thomas hangs with the dogs and hangs out at the arena so he can help the dogs bring the cattle down the alley. Thomas is legendary for leaving his snake and rabbit kills near the feed room.
  • Sid is a Finished Performance horse in the roping world. He is also Happy Tails living Testimony. Sid was an average horse until he grew into himself. Sid has worn Sherry’s tail bags for more than 6 years.
  • Although we all have faith in Denim Britches, a beautiful Blue Roan Quarter, his destiny is unknown right now. He replaced Flagger, who passed away from Colic about 6 months ago.
  • Shiner is not your ordinary run of the mill Grey Quarter Horse. He’s out of a World Champion called Shining Spark, a winning Performance Horse.
  • Super Jack is the Grandson of Two Eyed Jack, a Foundation Quarter Horse. He is in roping training under Sherry & Jerry’s schooling. Keep an eye on Super Jack who is destined for super wins in roping arenas nationwide!
  • Meet Tanasity, Super Jack’s full Sister. A Finished Performance horse, Shurine often rides Tanasity in the Amateur Division of local Texas competitions and USTRC events.
  • Michelle is a scientist, but not just any scientists. Michelle, owner of IBS, is the engineer and designer behind some of the biggest names in bath & personal care. Michelle is also Happy Tails horse shampoo and conditioner creator!
  • Meet Lisa… She’s is the rep for Happy Tails Jewelry! Each piece is a One-Of-A Kind. Lisa is single, lives in California and reps for a lot of different companies. She doesn’t know horses but she does know her stuff in her market!