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The Happy Tails Tail Bag Story

Sherry Vohs, founder of Happy Tails horse tail bags is far too modest to tell The Happy Tails Tail Bag Story and since she isn’t the web savvy one in the family, as her oldest sister, I get the honor of putting this website up. What that means for this section is that I get to tell the story of how my sister, the middle child in our family, came to making tail bags….

Our family was poor…the kind of poor that meant ‘soup beans and cornbread’ for dinner several times a week. My dad was about 22 years old when Sherry was born, Mom was 20. Sister Christy, the youngest of five, was born the year after Sherry. Our folks struggled to put food on the table for their family of seven. Dad usually moonlighted at a second job just to make ends meet.

Sherry’s love of horses started at about two years of age. It was a blessing. Sister Sherry had a speech impediment and my dad used her love of horses to get her to speak properly. He promised her a horse if she would pronounce her words correctly. The promise lingered until Sherry managed to speak perfect English. A year or two after Sherry’s speech improved, Dad held true to his word and brought home Sugar, an aging Palomino with a great disposition and an extreme tolerance for young children. All five of us kids thought Sugar was the best horse ever… Until…

It was Christmas Eve, 1970… We had relocated to Chino Valley, Arizona. Chino was and still is a rural community. It was a perfect environment kid for raising kids. It was around 2 AM that Christmas Eve and I was sound asleep when Mom came in whispering for me to get up and get dressed. I dressed quietly and went to the living room of the single wide trailer we lived in. Mom handed me a jacket, hat and gloves and told me to put my boots on that it was snowing pretty good. I asked where we were going but she put her finger to her lips indicating for me to be quite. I put on the knee length, fake fur hooded jacket with the huge oblong shaped fake wood log style buttons and pulled the hood up over my head as we headed down the rail-less rickety stairs and stepped into the perfectly undisturbed two inch thick blanket of white snow that had fallen since my bedtime and now covered the frozen ground. I could hear our footsteps in the snow as we walked right past the El Camino parked at the front of the trailer and I wondered where we were going. We walked all the way up to the neighbor’s property before I knew what we were doing. I was told ‘stay here’ and I did. And then, here came Mom. It looked like she had two of the biggest dogs I had ever seen and I remember that the sight of her walking toward me with those big white dogs actually made me forget how cold I was for a second. When Mom got closer to me, I could see they weren’t dogs at all! They were the littlest horses I had ever seen in my life! Really fat little horses with bright halters and ropes. Two of them! Mom handed me the lead to the fatterof the two little ponies and we walked the maybe quarter mile in the moonlight snow covered ground back to the trailer where we lived. Mom handed me both ropes and disappeared for a minute only to reappear with two of the biggest red bows I had ever seen. Bows so big they dwarfed those two little Miniature Shetland Ponies. A week after Christmas the fattest one had a baby and our family started to grow.

By that following spring, Sherry on Sugar, Christine and Carol on their Shetland’s Venus &Frisky with the baby Misty loping behind, the girls had become quite the circus performers. On any given afternoon, after chores, they could be seen galloping by the window, reins in hand and standing tall on their horse’s bareback.

A couple of years later, Dad brought home what I thought was a scary horse, Freedom. We were told to stay clear of Freedom temporarily because my dad called her ‘barely green-broke’ and dangerous for us. And stay away we did… when Dad was home. Sherry was the bravest. She would get in the coral with a rope in hand and talk to that horse until she could get close enough to get a rope around its neck. Once she had a rope on it, she would somehow manage to get it close enough to the coral edge to climb up and get up on its back. It reared up and struck out with its front legs and then bucked like crazy and I remember thinking that as the oldest, I would pay for this dearly if Dad ever caught us. But Sherry, now 11 yrs old, managed to break that horse in no time at all. Within a couple of months she had a saddle on Freedom and was the talk of Chino Valley. Well, within our family in Chino Valley anyway.

Now the rest of the world may not have known it back then, but us, her siblings, we knew that Sherry was a horse whisperer. Not that we knew that was what special horse people were called. We didn’t. We just knew that nobody, not even a single grown-up, could handle a horse like Sherry.

That was Forty years ago my friends. Today, Sherry and her husband Jerry live in Amarillo. Sherry and Jerry both retired now, can on occasion, be talked in to taking on one more horse to turn them into a fine champion header or heeler. They are both highly respected and well known to those in the industry and still go out and turn heads in the arena.

It was frustration with the tie type tail bags and chintzy snaps and Velcro tail bags that motivated Sherry to make her own horse tail bags. The tie tail bags slip and come loose, sometimes even falling off the horse tails. And some tie horse bags seemed like you had to tie them so tight to keep them in the horses tail that it actually seemed like there was more damage than good being done to the tail. And the snap fastening horse tail bags wouldn’t snap once they filled with just a little debris. So, Sherry started making tail bags for her horses, all of them. Sister Christine made a few for herself and between the two of them they ended up engineering the perfect horse tail bag. So well-engineered in fact, that Sherry couldn’t attend a roping without being bombarded with orders. The people purchasing Sherry’s tail bags would attend other events and when others saw the construction of her tail bags and then the ease of putting the tailbags on a horse they were sold on Sherry’s bags. When they heard from those who already had purchased Sherry’s tail bags that their horses tail growth was amazing and that their horses tail bags stayed on through swishing and pretty much kept their horses tailstangle free and that Sherry’s horse tail bags last ten times longer than any tail bag they had ever purchased, even more orders came in.


Today, it’s Happy Tails Tail Bags. Solid tail bags and a variety of print tail bags too… but Happy Tails Tail Bags biggest sellers are the blinged out Bling Tail Bags. In the very near future you’ll see saddle accessories for the rider that is a Diva and loves bling. You’ll be able to find specialty scientifically engineered for horses – horse shampoo, crème rinses, horse conditioner for mane and tails. Sign up to be notified as these exciting products as they are introduced by the Happy Tails Company.

Thank you for letting me tell you Sherry’s story, The Happy Tails story…. It was a fun ride down Memory Lane


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